About Us

CasualKit's mission is to make it possible for game developers to monetize on their casual multiplayer games via skill-based challenges and tournaments between the players.

We have developed a 'ready-to-go kit' (SDK plugin) for game developers that makes it possible for them to generate monetization and increase engagement, retention, and revenue per user significantly.

CasualKit lets you develop and publish free-to-play games and deliver the full game experience to your gamers without chipping away at that experience through annoying ads and blinking offers. We make it easy for you to let your players place small bets whenever they challenge other players. This will make playing your game even more exciting too.

As indie game developer ourselves we know exactly what challenges you face in monetizing from your game. This is why we have created CasualKit (easy-to-use tools) that will make monetization and backend programming easier and better than ever before.


Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence