About Us


My business is built on the belief, that if you want to walk in front - if you want people to follow you - you must lead from your heart, not only from your head. Tools, strategies and knowledge will bring you nowhere, if you don't engage ALL of you.

- I coach managers who want to become leaders (those who wants to walk in front).
- I am primary teacher on a new diploma education in leadership in cooperation with the company, Berning & Leonhardt.
- I facilitate developments processes in communication and personal development.
- I coach workshop leaders in communicating their knowledge in order to anchor it long term. My teaching is based on the human being - not the theory.

In other words:
No matter what I do, the human is always in the centre. In my world, success can't be reached until you bring all of yourself into what you do. Skills and professionalism alone wont bring you where you want to go. But when you try to involve the person, you are at home as well.. That's where magic happens.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence