About Us

MarketingLab was founded in spring 2012 with the idea that several links were missing within the Danish Marketing world. Marketing students were purely focusing on theory and often found out that they could not really use what they learned at university when they finally entered the professional world.
Also, as marketing is a very broad term that covers various kinds of departments and companies, the academic world really lacked a way to show and teach students how to see the broader perspective and how to work across fields of study.
Finally, students with real passion for marketing and advertising did not really have a place within the study environment that could feature their eagerness to explore the amazingly creative world of marketing while still studying.

We in MarketingLab seek to create these missing links. We create opportunities for students to get hands-on experience with marketing and advertising through various kinds of events, courses and programs. We work together with the most prominent advertising agencies, marketing departments and companies and our continuously growing team is characterized by great professionalism, ambition and creativity.