About Us

NORDISK FILM is a Nordic entertainment company and has been part of the Danish film history for more than 100 years. Nordisk Film develops, produces and markets films and TV-drama across the Nordic region as well as providing production and post-production facilities for film producers. The company operates the leading cinema chain in Denmark and Norway and is also responsible for the distribution of PlayStation products in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

In addition, Nordisk Film is behind the digital film services MinBio and Dansk Filmskat and the businesses Gavekortet.dk and Billetlugen (Venuepoint). In 2014, Nordisk Film had a turnover of EUR 3.4 billion and had 1,900 employees.

Nordisk Film is part of the Egmont Group - Denmark's largest media group with 6,300 employees and operations in 30 countries. The Egmont Group includes Egmont Publishing, which publishes more than 700 magazines, TV 2 Norway and Lindhardt and Ringhof. Egmont is a commercial foundation, which has a turnover of DKK11.6 billion and distributes more than DKK80 million per year for a better life for children and adolescents.

Through the Nordisk Film Foundation, we develop new talents and promote the “good film narrative.” With an annual budget of approx.. DKK 3.5 million, the Nordisk Film Foundation has also contributed to the development of the Danish film industry over the last 20 years by offering scholarships, project grants and awards. In 2015, the Nordisk Film Foundation launched the signature project “The Polar Bear’s Author Camp”, bringing the total budget to EUR 4.5 million.

Nordisk Film is one of the world's first film companies and has its proud roots in the film studio in Valby, Copenhagen, where the company was founded by Ole Olsen in 1906.

Business size

500+ employees

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