About Us

RWD was launched in 2014 by the designer Rosa Winther Denison. RWD is the new name of the former brand RosaBryndis established in 2010. The collections are sophisticated and innovatively designed aiming to satisfy the multiple needs of the modern woman. Rosa's multiple interests and alternative thinking, makes the process of designing both unique and experimental, striving to create singular products each with a strong expression.

Rosa is are inspired by some of the world's most fascinating architects and by interpreting their aesthetic expressions RWD strive to create a synergy between a domain of solid structures and supple materials. Raw materials are rigorously evaluated and chosen carefully by the designers by focusing on quality and diversity. The collections are distinctive, classical yet slightly askew. The designer often make the knitwear herself and signature dresses are made in the studio. Rosa is currently finishing her Masters at The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design & Conservation.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence