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About Us



Established in Denmark on June 5th 1975 by Tom Mikkelsen, LAL Test pioneer and Founder, Scan Dia Labs is the oldest and most experienced Endotoxins Testing House in the world.

We master all LAL assays recommended by the pharmacopoeias, but are specialized in the ultra-sensitive, quantitative kinetic-turbidimetric assay. We are authorized by the Danish Health and Medicines Agency and audited regularly by major international clients in accordance with the June 2012 Compliance Protocol ("Guidance for Industry: Pyrogen and Endotoxins testing") issued jointly by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services, the U.S. FDA, CDER, CBER, CVM, CDRH and ORA.

The blue blood of the horseshoe crab is the only source of the Limulus (Tachypleus) Amoebocyte Lysate used in the LAL assay to detect Gram-negative bacterial endotoxins in sub-picogram concentrations.

During 29 underwater expeditions around the world, we have documented and filmed the four existent species of horseshoe crabs (click video), in order to help protect and preserve their natural habitats.

We have also participated in a significant number of expeditions to help chart the global fossil record of this unique marine invertebrate, which has an unbroken evolutionary history spanning 500 million years.


Founder, Owner, Managing Director and CEO:
Tom Mikkelsen

Owner, CFO:
Kirsten Mikkelsen, Senior Head Nurse, MPA.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence