About Us

SortKaffe means black coffee and coffee has an incredible ability to bring people together - and we bring people together with our digital solutions.

We develop digital solutions such as mobile apps for smartphones and tablets as well as mobile - and websites. We also develop software systems for data integration. We develop the digital solutions according to customers' needs and wishes.

There are a variety of apps out there. For us, apps have to make sense. Techniques is not much worth in itself. But when it is used in a meaningful way it can make everyday easier and smarter. With a smartphone in the pocket:

• The users can keep themself ajour in an easy way.
• Many can be reached at once.
• The smartphones calendar, camera and GPS can be used as useful tools.

Examples of apps we develop are apps for employee communication and for conferences. Both type of apps have specific purposes.

With an employee app, you can communicate with your employees that are on the move. Remember that internal communication at work is just as important as external communication. The better your employees are informed on work related issues and can contribute with information themselves, the more they feel they are a central part of the workplace. Most people today own a smartphone and your employees can receive and provide information wherever and whenever it suits them.

With a digital conference program, your participants will have easy access to your program, participant list and other important information. The participants are updated and kept engaged by receiving information during the conference, and it is even possible to pose questions to the presenters through the app.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence